Over My Dead Body (A Letter From an Arab, to Arabs)


Average Honesty

If you are an Arab or a Muslim girl and you are reading this, congratulations!
Congratulations for being lucky enough to get an education, to complete a degree, to go to school, meet other people and learn from them along with teaching them and sharing your values with them.
Congratulations! You are officially a survivor of the world’s chaos and madness!
Dear Arab or Muslim girls,
I know that you don’t feel it sometimes, but you are as complete and as capable as all the
other girls who did not have to go through the many requirements and the “perfect lady” tests that you have been through. I know that family gatherings are sometimes only an opportunity to investigate why are you still single. And when I say investigate, I only mean harass, humiliate and give you a short degrading introduction before delving into an arduous conversation about why do you travel a lot, why don’t you learn to cook like a “real woman”, why do you dress…

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