🌟 My Top 5 Moroccan Bloggers 🌟

Hello, my sweethearts! & Happy blessed Ramadan for all of the Muslim people out there. ★ So in today’s blog, I’m going to be talking about the top five Moroccan Bloggers for me. These bloggers have been inspiring me with their passion and love for blogging and whom I respect a lot. 💕💕  So without further ado, here they are!!


  • Hind Touissate:  Her blog ACCORDINGTOHIND is the most amazing blog ever! I can stay scrolling there for hours!! HOURS!! She’s a young global citizen & award winning who writes about travelling, books, inspiring quotes, art, and lifestyle as well. I can’t help but look up to her!!



  • Omar Oualili: Well well well, if you’re a travel lover, his blog INACITYNEARYOU will definitely be your favorite blog from now on if it’s not already 🙈 . Omar is a young Moroccan student from Casablanca omar6studying in London, UK and who has visited 35 countries so far ✔ So he writes about all his adventures there! & his blog is, for me, the best idea he did come up with. Go visit his blog guys!!




  • Nargisse benkabbou: It’s all about food in here!! some real delicious Moroccan food 😍  MYMOROCCANFOOD. Nargisse has been sharing her cooking passion in téléchargementthis blog for so long and her kitchen is ALWAYS filled with Moroccan dishes. She believes that cooking is a way to explore and connect different cultures so she loves to do it by putting her own twist into Moroccan classics. ☕ and I can’t help but agree with her.




  • Lamia Hmaiddout:  I’m in love with her blog ARTMODESTE & she’s definiteltéléchargement (1)y one of my favorite bloggers of all time! 🙈 She’s an illustrator, graphic designer, and photographer. Her blog englobes all of these arts in addition to DIYs, fashion lifestyle, and some life hacks. Oh, you’ll also be going to find an e-shop & a portfolio where she provides every month a new cool wallpaper for computers, phones….etc



  • Asma Sanbati: I first knew Asma from her facebook page, 1 year later she has12797820_795984500533601_436671032_a created her blog  HIJABUNIVERSE. Asma is really into fashion and photography, she also loves swimming,jet skiing, diving, surfing, skateboarding, football, basketball…etc She becomes a designer of her brand new clothes later. You’ll find on her  blog hijab tutorials, hijab guide, some hijab stories & everything about Hijab roughly speaking. 😍😍  She’s been my inspiration for so long and in so many ways. She has to be in my Top 5 Moroccan bloggers for sure. ❄


TADAAA! Those were my Top 5 Moroccan bloggers 💕💕 Who’s your favorite blogger guys?! Please let me know! 🌟🌟



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