International Women’s day 2016….

Hello there Blog friends, I know.. I haven’t written in almost a week now! 😭 My apologies!

With that being said, Happy International Women’s Day to all my ladies out there, to your grandmothers, moms, aunts, sisters, cousins, friends and all the women you know.

Yes, this post is going to be in honor of all women around the world since it’s women’s international day. Well, I’m not going to make it about the most inspiring or successful women for this past year or in my region…etc. Instead, I’m going to deal with this subject from a little bigger perspective. We’re in 2016, and as I’m an AIESECer, we’re working on the sustainable development global goals set by United Nations. We’re willing to attend the 17 global goals by 2030.

I’m going to talk about the fifth goal since it’s women’s international day, which is the “gender equality“. I remember that we used to talk about this subject in my primary school, and I thought back then that we’ll no longer have to talk about it when I’m older at the university. But unfortunately, it’s still a big unsolvable issue until now. Gender Equality is a lot bigger issue than what I thought. I hate discrimination, I hate racism in all its forms. I really do. The woman is the provider, farmer, teacher, doctor, entrepreneur, minister, leader, mother and who is contributing every day to her household, society and economy. We need to make equal pay and equal opportunity for these women and girls a reality so that women’s goals are human goals for once and for all. ✌

If you want to create awarness & generate actions fill the survey right here. It is not just another survey, but a movement aimed to shine the light on the issues that matter! ★








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