Writer Review: BENJELLOUN Tahar

Oh God! Tahar BENJELLOUN has been my favorite writer for the past two years. And that is because of two main reasons: 🙈

Firstly, his style of narrating is amazing. It’s so simple yet captivating. Whenever I had the desire to read, his books are my number one refuge. Speaking of his writing style, he has absolutely no shame at displaying his thoughts and what he is truly thinking of. And I must respect him for that because it’s rare to find a Moroccan writer, in my point of view, that can present everything about his life through his writings and manage to be as successful as Tahar is nowadays. Moreover, he is writing for a purpose. He is not writing for a prolific reason, but to satisfy his curiosity. You get to feel and to know by reading his work that he is truly passioned and curious about his culture, the art of literature and that he cares for his community.

Secondly, and as I mentioned before, he is passioned about the art of literature in general. He is a poet, a narrator, a journalist and a storyteller. However, I enjoy his work whether it has been in journals, magazines or books. His writings are in French but they are translated in Arabic and English as well. And what is a review without mentioning my favorite books of BENJELLOUN Tahar? 🔖 Here’s my ultimate favorite two:

“L’auberge Des Pauvres”= The hostel of the poor

“Le Dernier Ami” = The last Friend

So guys, if you want to know more about this writer please click here. Also, if you want me to do a book review of one of his books let me know at the comments. 💕


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