15 fun facts about me ❣

Hey, everyone! Hope you had an amazing week God willing  😀 Today’s post, and as the previous one, is a little bit personal. So let’s jump straight into it:

  1. I hate the sun. I hate heat. I hate everything’s hot ☀  ☼

  2. Whenever I’m angry or cranky. I just get quiet and don’t talk to anyone ☮

  3. I love early mornings. Seriously! It’s my favorite part of the day ☁☁

  4. I can’t stand the feeling of wet socks! It is just gross to me!

  5. Daydreams happened to me a lot throughout only one day ☾

  6. I own more than 50 scarves / hijabs, and I only wear 3 or 4 of them.✔✔

  7. I’m a middle child. I have an older sister, younger brother and younger sister 😍

  8. I’m more or less a tall person and I like it  👌

  9. I can eat a lot for a girl & Coke is my weakness 🙈

  10. I had a serious addiction to Pokemon when I was little ❣❣

  11. You’re either a cute crier or an ugly crier. I’m a really ugly ugly ugly crier 😭

  12. I drink tea a lot, five to seven times per day ☕

  13. We’re not done with crying yet. Lol! I can’t control my tears. I can cry whenever & wherever my brain decides to ➳

  14. I don’t watch scary films. I don’t like to get scared 🎬

  15. My favorite month is December. 🌄


That’s it for this post & if you share with me any of these facts, please let me know in the comments and write down some of your fun facts too.

Love you guys! Have a great weekend! ❣


Stay awesome guys!! 




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