My 2016 resolutions

Salam everyone, I hope you’re all doing great!

In the past four years of my life, I’ve found that goals are good for planning your progress and that setting realistic goals has been really helpfull to me. So I’ve decided to share my resolutions & my goals for this year with you guys. There are seven & with no further do, here’s the list:

  • Read more books: well, I know I don’t read as much as I want to… although I really enjoy reading and books have been my escape, but I think I don’t read as much as I need to! So yeah; that should be on the top of the list :p
  • Eat healthier: Oh man! junk food, junk food, junk food… I don’t think I need to say more!!
  • Learn how to cook new meals: yes, and focusing on LEARN because honestly I started to dislike cooking & baking lately. I don’t exactly know why, but all I know is that as long as I’m living alone, I should start learning more about cooking!
  • Have guns: Getting fit in general!! Because if there’s one thing I really know how to do it and I can do it whenever and wherever I want, it would be working out! And I won’t mind some muscular arms 💪💪
  • Visit a new city: traveling is always on my to do list. Unlikely it’s not to a new country.. but no problem! My country, Morocco, is still surprising me by how many cool places I have to explore & visit.
  • Be more organized: Ugh! I seriously get afraid of organization. Idk, it’s just the fact that I found order in disorder. Lol! But I really need to be more organized in my everyday lifestyle.
  • Be more kind to people: Well well well! A lot of my friends & most of the people I know say that I’m a kind person. Some assume that I’m the nicest person, at least that what they told me, Lol! 😀 But, I really wish I could be as nice as people think of me. SubhanAllah at the way Allah hides our faults..


That was it! 😀

So what about you guys!? What are your resolutions for 2016!? Let me know in the comments 😀 


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