You Got This!

The hardest step is the first one.

I’ve always believed in this saying, indeed, the hardest step is to start because it defines your entire process whether you want to step out of your comfortable zone or to do something you’ve always wanted.

Plus, we all know how talk is cheap and words are meaningless without action. I can write every day how I want to do this and I want to accomplish that, but if I don’t act upon it I’m just a phony. We all should face our fears at some point in our life. In fact, being proactive is good but what’s bad is to let a significant portion of your journey in life be devoted to averting things that might never happen, some little things that could turn into adventures or funny stories only if you allow yourself to deal with a little concern. We can’t talk about taking actions without talking about acceptance, in order to become comfortable with taking risks. Taking action also means that you might fail, lose something, or mislay things. but on the other hand, you won’t even pay attention to these things the moment you start understanding that the most of the greatest lessons in life are learned by taking risks and living outside of your comfort zone. One more thing I can add is to be patient. Sometimes taking actions & stepping out of your comfort zone might take time, just be patient and don’t panic.

As a conclusion, I would recommend to always remember that it is only the first move that is a bit difficult.



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