An Al Jazeera journalist arrested in Berlin on request of Egypt


“I am still under arrest at Berlin airport, waiting to be transferred to an investigating judge”

said Ahmed Mansour, a journalist of Al-Jazeera chain on his Twitter account who was arrested Saturday June 20 by German police in Berlin airport. Al Jazeera asked the immediate release of the journalist.

Ahmed Mansour is one of the most respected journalists in the Arab world and should be released immediately,”

said the managing director of Al-Jazeera, Mostefa Souag, in a statement.

The German Federal Police (AFP) confirmed that the 52 years old journalist who wanted to fly to Doha, was arrested in Berlin Tegel Airport because of an international arrest warrant” issued by Egypt. The arrest took place at around 1:20 p.m. GMT

This arrest occurs while relations between Al-Jazeera and Egypt are already very bad. Three journalists from the Qatar-based channel had already been arrested in 2013.

“The arrest warrant listed “multiple crimes” charges against the journalist”

said German police without being able to specify which ones.

“Mr. Mansour rejected these absurd accusations”

said Al-Jazeera in an article.

“The repression of journalists by the Egyptian authorities is well known. Our Network, one of the most watched in the Arab world, has paid the price, “

said its director, Mostefa Souag.

“The hearing may be exercised immediately by my lawyers if the judge is satisfied that all the charges are false,”

said Mansour who explained being accused “of rape, kidnapping and theft”, during a phone call in Arabic broadcast by Al-Jazeera.

“The question now remains how the German Government and Interpol have become tools in the hands of the bloody regime born of the coup in Egypt led by the terrorist Abdel Fattah al-Sissi” (the general at the head of the Egyptian government at present)

has outraged Mr. Mansour on Twitter.


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