….For those who Compare hijab with a sweet!!

Addressing the sweet wrapper analogy that compares a sweet with hijab!!!

When young girls approach the age of wearing hijab – people like to en outage them by telling them the advantages of wearing hijab. One example is the sweet without paper rapper , being put on the floor – unanimously , it’s agreed that a sweet wouldn’t want to be eaten .

Firstly , this analogy is very wrong.
In every way possible .
If a person doesn’t have hijab , it doesn’t mean they don’t wear it. Hijab is more than a sweet wrapper . It’s a cleanse for the internal self, your attitude and your mindset . It’s not just what’s on the exterior.
Secondly, using the idea that girls without hijab are prone to be tainted just like the sweet on the floor , is very wrong and offensive . Any girl who doesn’t wear hijab can’t be tainted and won’t be. You can’t be telling girls that they’re dirty or more likely to be .
I know many girls who are non hijabis that are much better than hijabis that I know and see. Thus it’s a very wrong analogy.
Hijab isn’t just one material on your head. Hijab isn’t to make you less attractive . No it plays a part in many more roles. Because I can just shave my hair off and not look attractive or cut my hair short , and still i would have to wear hijab.

Thirdly , I can still wear hijab and have a horrendous personality, a bad attitude , a bad mindset . I could be always lying. This is still incomplete hijab, just like how a girl without hijab would be .
Fourthly, hijab isn’t just for girls . It’s for boys too. We’re not temptresses here . It’s just a way of cleansing yourself internally , walking around modestly for both men and women .
Moreover, Anyone who would taint you in any way , does NOT define you, it defines THEM.

So stop telling girls that they’re lollipops who need to be covered okay?
It just contradicts everything about hijab.

PS: This article isn’t written by me. All credits goes to YAS


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