How to deal with disappointments?! ……from my sight!

I had so many sundry experiences in my life where I’ve had to bear all kinds of frustration and disappointments successively and believe me, it was that bad. But there’s one thing I personally kept telling myself is that our God Allah won’t put me in those situations if he knows I can’t handle them, and even more, there are always some good, some virtue and an utility for sure in everything you get to experience, it may not be showen at that moment but it will be showen certainly afterwards. First things first! You should understand and perceive the intended meaning of all of what you’ve been through. Every worthy thing won’t be held so easily and there’s always a purpose and an aim behind every discontent you are going through. The only solution you have at that time is to trust God Allah and have more faith in his decisions Almighty. Besides, always remember that whatever you’re going through is temporary. Thus, try to find solutions and stay positive. Always visualize a positive outcome to the situation and Everything will be okay InshaeAllah!

With love!! ❤❤ wish you all a happy life ❤❤



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