Ebola facts: Unfortunately!!

The topic of Ebola has been circulating through the media lately, from stories of treatments and discussions about what world leaders are doing to combat the problem. However, what many people have failed to notice is that there is a problem developing among all affected individuals who were supposedly cured of Ebola.

West Africans fortunate enough to survive this crippling disease are at risk of developing “post-Ebola syndrome”, characterized by blindness and chronic poor health. Doctors at WHO are investigating, and one doctor spoke of how she came across two patients who are now blind, and other patients complaining of similar vision problems. The statistics are alarming – one of every two Ebola survivors reported declining health, headaches, chest pain, as well as declining vision.

This raises a larger issue about the actual efficiency and safety of the Ebola treatments that were previously hailed as entirely safe for the patients. In Sierra Leone, post-Ebola clinics are already emerging in order to care for survivors’ psychological, economic, and social news, as well as to track symptoms. Whatever the reason may be behind these chronic symptoms, one thing is clear – Ebola survivors in West Africa could likely need care for the rest of their lives.


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