Bring out the leader in you

It happens that sometimes you realize that it’s the time for you to stand up and do something about what it may be frustrating you. The time to bring out the leader in you.

“I am a leader I can guide all these people and inspire them.” A true leader never comes out with such these words at all.

I was attracted by what I once read in some random article:

A leader is made. A leader is never born.

I couldn’t agree more with this quote.This is true, for you to be a leader, a good one, you chould keep in mind that it may be a thorny way, you have to become a hardworking, to stay hopeful, to have the right view of issues, to not give up, to have dreams, big ones..etc

Everyone can be a leader. knowing that each one of us is a unique individual, therefore our ways of achivieng the same thing might be different.However, a few basic guide lines will go a long way in putting you on the right track:

Learn from experiences; focus on what went wrong and why! evaluate each and every action you perform. A leader has to avoid any sort of wrong turns, because there are so many people who are looking up for him. A leader should always & forever keep in mind that large number of people behind him.

What I personally like about a leader is how he plans out his goals and achieve them. Thus, You should focus on the task on hand and give it your best. Be clear and reasonable about what you want to achieve whether it is in accordance with your concepts and principles and what’s the purpose behind putting in these sort of goals. Always Remember that people will follow you only if they see a real sense of purpose, only if they see where all of you are going.

One of the most crucial qualities in a leader is accepting responsability for the outcomes and upshot of his actions once he made his choices. Taking responsability is never the easiest thing, but it’s worth it.

Commitment!! oh yes, that’s the hardest part in being a leader, you have to give yourself whatever inputs needed to become a better person and a better leader. You should continually keep working and studying as well to improve your natural skills. Therefore, you need a strong commitment to constantly improve in whatever endeavor you choose.

Communication is a very important key to become a good leader, you should have good relationships. Thence, what play a big part in here would be trust, confidence, trust worthiness and high ethics. The strong your relationships are, the stronger your followers’s trust and confidence is in your capabilities.

Well, do remember Togore’s saying :

” where constant striving stretches its arms towards perfection”

Remember being a leader takes a good deal of work and time.

It is not learned overnight.

Remember, also, that it is not about just you. It is about you and the people around you.


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