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Whether it was a freezy rainy morning, a warm one or a hot sunny morning. I always enjoy it and absolutely adore mornings. I’ve get lately to know how much I love this time of the day actually more than sleeping itself. As crazy as it sounds it is true. It is the only time of the day when I feel absolutely carefree, young, happy and ready for the day! I don’t talk about any types of mornings I do talk about early mornings, during and right after the sun come up. It is definitely one of my highlights for all the time ever. So in this page, you’re gonna be sometimes seeing & reading about my mornings as it is one of my little joys.

Once I get up I open the window and watch the sky.One of the most amazing Allah’s creation:

2014-05-27 08.20.14 2014-05-27 08.20.16 2014-07-14 05.50.02 Photo0054 Photo0055 Photo3298ย ย Photo3314 Photo3374 Photo3375 Photo3376 Photo3404 Photo3495 Photo3554


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